Prague Breakin School is one of the most prominent breakdance groups for the young generation in the Czech Republic. Among its many advantages is the complexity of classes that focus on all aspects of b-boying; and the individual approach while at the same time underlying the originality of each individual no matter their age. This is one of the reasons the members of Prague Breakin School are winning so many awards in different prestigious Czech and international contests.

Prague Breakin School


Mon 16.00–17.00 lesson for girls, 17.00–18.30 advanced + professionals

Tue 15.00–16.00 beginners, 19.00–21.00 free training

Wed 18.00–19.30 advanced, 19.30–21.00 professionals

Thu 16.00–17.30 beginners + advanced + professionals

Fri 17.00–19.00 advanced + professionals

Prague Breakin School


Honza Pentifull—school founder

+420 604 986 154

Prague Breakin School
Prague Breakin School