Test run: 

MON–SUN 17.00–22.00

(The last customers are let in at 9PM) 


The minimum time of a sauna session is one hour. You can then add thirty-minute blocs for CZK 80 each. 

If you want to be sure of a spot in the sauna, make a reservation at but don`t hesitate to come even without one. You will pay the entrance fee in the concrete stall “Carwash“ next to the sauna. The staff will show you everything and lend you a key to the locker and a towel or a linen sheet.  


Additional info—
There are changing rooms with lockers, two showers, cold plunge tub, hot air room for 6–8 people and a relaxation zone with 6 deckchairs. A glass ceiling is another relaxing feature of the whole procedure! We will lend you linen sheets for free. It is ideal to bring your own towel, but if you forget we will lend you one for CZK 30.

You can play your own music from the speaker in the sauna and have a cold drink in the “Carwash” bar. Tap water is of course free of charge.

If you have any more questions, please contact us at