Opening Hours—

Mon–Fri 13.00–23.30
Sat–Sun 10.00–23.30

Opening Hours: Bar Garages—

Mon–Fri 16.00–23.30

Sat–Sun 15.00–23.30

Opening Hours: Bar Myčka—

identical to Sauna opening hours

Opening Hours: Café Pool—

Mon–Fri 13.00–21.30
Sat–Sun 10.00–21.30


Prvního pluku 20/2—entrance for pedestrians

Vítkova 9—entrance for vehicles (only for suppliers and organisers of events upon previous agreement)

186 00 Prague 8 – Karlín



Reservation of café tables are possible up to 6 people.

Our club can be used as a venue for conferences or corporate events.

Reservation of the whole café is not possible.



general questions (no booking!) —


– Do you want to organize an event here?

Michaela Berankova, Tomas Kroczek, production—

Tereza Odehnalova, music production –


Marketing a PR

– Do you want to contact us about marketing or PR?

Radek Pavlovic, social media and media communication—

Dorota Velek and Natálie Baumanová, photographers



– Do you have questions or points to discuss about the film programme or would you like to stage a film projection of your own here?

Simona Darulová, cinema manager—

Jan Touš, dramaturgy—


Café and Bars

– Do you want information about our café or bars?

book a table—



– Do you want to participate in a ping pong match or would you like to know something about beach volleyball?

Natálie Dvořáková—


Prague Breakin School

– Do you want to know more about the school?

Honza Pentifull, school founder—