Beside the popular outdoor cinema, there is also an indoor movie theatre with 100 seats (remodelled from the former army orchestra studio). From dramaturgy point of view, the programme consists of carefully selected, predominantly art films (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, The Art of
Negative Thinking, Climax), cult classics (The Witches of Eastwick, Mars Attacks!), documents (Putin`s Witnesses, Circus Rwanda, Marriage Stories) and Czech movies (Nothing Like Before, Winter Flies). You can enjoy watching the movies from deck-chairs or bean bags with a drink in hand and your dog at your side – we don`t mind well-behaved pets accompanying you.

Kino Kasárna Karlín

We pay special attention to the children audience, which is why there are many movie afternoons with workshops for children in our programme. (Up to the Ears in Moss, Karel Zeman`s Movies, Revolting Rhymes, etc.).


There are no commercials before the movies, so it is advisable to arrive on time. To ensure the best spectator experience, we do not let anyone enter the movie theatre once the show has started.

Kino Kasárna Karlín


—You can buy tickets through the ticket-office at

—On-the-spot sale of tickets starts 30 minutes before the beginning of projection. A limited number of tickets will be sold here even after the ticket-office tickets run out.

—Tickets bought through the ticket-office ensure a seat which has to be claimed 10 minutes before th beginning of projection at the latest. Come on time then!

—Non-claimed tickets bought through GoOut expire five minutes before the beginning of projection.

Kino Kasárna Karlín