Shybits + A Dull Set

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Shybits is a Berlin based post punk garage rock trio made up of friends Liam from Brighton (Guitar & vocals), Piero from Italy (Bass & vocals) and Meg from South Africa (drums). The fuzzy, feel-good sound is reminiscent of post punk and 90s garage rock and has been described as’’ Beach Boys suntan nostalgia meets Beatlesque Bedroom pop’’.
Their debut EP, Idiot Like You, was released in 2018 on Duchess Box Records (home of acts such as Gurr) . They were signed to the label not long after their very first show.



A Dull Set are Prague-based duo Sam and Hayden, born either side of the UK's North/South divide. Drawing influence from early-80s British new wave and post-punk, the fast tempo of the reverb-laced electronic drums pave the way for short and snappy, melodic and sardonic songs - delivered in the deep dulcet tones of the men in question.
Dave Allen's iconic bass riffs meet Adrian Borland's unique guitar creations, as described by one blog:
''It has connections to almost everything that came up in the turn of the 70's for the 80's, from Gang of Four to The Cure, from A Certain Ratio to Bauhaus. Despite sounding nostalgic, A Dull Set know exactly where they are stepping."

+ afterparty : Madshake Party DJs

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