Mon–Fri 13.00–22.00
Sat–Sun 10.00–22.00

A daily open coffeeshop in the Kalín Barracks is only a 3 minute walk from Florenc. You will find us in the courtyard of the barracks – entrance through the black gate from the Prvního pluku street no. 20/2 near the Negrelli viaduct.

Kavárna Kasárna Karlín

Under our care the army swimming pool and changing rooms have turned into a cosy coffee shop with a large menu of drinks and small refreshments. Here you can work, read books from our library (take what you want—bring what you want), and also visit exhibitions, lectures, debates and author readings that take place regularly here. You can access the actual swimming pool through the coffee shop: just turn right at the counter and go through the door in front of you.

Kavárna Kasárna Karlín


Given the situation, we cannot take reservations.

It is possible to book a table or two in the coffee shop. It is not possible to make reservations for more than 15 people, or to reserve the tables outside.

For the reservation of the whole Swimming pool, we agree on a minimal spend requirement and a reservation fee to be paid at least one week in advance.
To book a table or two, send e-mail to rezervace@kasarnakarlin.cz.

If you want to have a private party with film projection or music here, or if you want to organise your own event in the Swimming pool, write to produkce@kasarnakarlin.cz.

Kavárna Kasárna Karlín
Kavárna Kasárna Karlín